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Cutie Pusher

Cutie Pusher

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Our Cutie Cuticle Pusher is the perfect addition to your prep kit. Used for removing all that overgrown cuticle off the nails and gives you the perfect base to apply your sets. Can also be used in helping to remove press-ons during soaking. (Purchase includes 1 cuticle pusher)

Directions: Carefully place Cutie Pusher in middle of nail at a 45 degree angle, gently pushing cuticle back. *You want to remove the dry overgrown cuticle not scratch up the nail bed. Clean with rubbing alcohol after every use to keep clean and ready to use again.

  • rounded edges for safe and gently use
  • double sided to match small and large cuticle areas
  • metal--strong and reusable 
  • textured handle for a no slip grip
  • about the size of a regular pen


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