About Us

I love doing nails, I love nail art, and I love helping people feel confident! Hi, my name is Christina. I have been working on clients for 14 years and have loved seeing them be able to express their individuality through their nails. I want to now offer that same feeling to everyone. I believe we are all individuals. No matter how similar or different we are, everyone deserves to express themselves in their own way.

I love that our Fixes are reusable, collectible, cool, easy to apply, with the ability to change them whenever you like. I want you to feel confident, powerful, pretty, and however else you want to feel.

As a licensed professional I only use professional grade products, but for me, they are not all the same. I do my own research and test out products to make sure I am providing the very best to my clients. For example, I only use genuine crystals not rhinestones.

Get your Fix on!