About Us

Our Philosophy:

At the heart of it, we want to be a safe space and create out of this world reusable nail enhancements for those that can’t, for whatever reason (physically/mentally/etc.), go to a salon.

We see how some, if not most, have a difficult time finding a nail tech in their area that can provide all that they need. Such as: availability, quick appointments, accessibility for mobility devices, quality products, your style of nail art, quiet appointments, sensory/steming safe spaces and so on.

By understanding that one solution does not fit all, and working in cosmetology for 17+ years and IT for 10+, we can create practical solutions allowing you to express yourself, wear what you want to wear, and all in greater comfort.

About Christina (Owner and Nail Artist):

I love doing nails, I love creating tiny art, and I love helping people feel confident! Hi, my name is Christina (she/they). I have been working on clients for 17+ years and have loved seeing them be able to express their individuality through their nails. No matter how similar or different we are, everyone deserves to express themselves in their own way.

As a licensed professional, I only use professional grade products to guarantee durability and quality. Now, not all professional products are the same so I research and test out these products before using them in a set to ensure I am providing the very best for my clients.

About Aaron (Owner and IT Specialist):

Hi, my name is Aaron (he/him). I've worked in IT/Software for 10+ years and Customer Service for 5+. I like finding and creating solutions to make online interaction with us easier and more enjoyable. 

We love that our Fixes are durable, reusable, cool, easy to apply, with the ability to change them whenever you like. We want to help you to feel confident, powerful, gorgeous, and however else you want to feel.



*In picture: Christina is on the left and Aaron is on the right.