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Shapes and Lengths Available

*Nails will appear slightly different in length depending on your natural nail bed. For example: In the photos you will notice the pointer nail extends farther past the finger (because it has a smaller nail bed) than the ring finger (having a longer nail bed). Extra Short will not fit everyone as they are, well, extra short.

How to Find Your Size

Keep in Mind

Most shapes/lengths fit the same but not all. So grab a fresh sizing kit when ordering a new shape or length.

Sizing Kits

Comparing Top Coat Options

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a top coat:

Matte gives a velvet feel and finish that is Oh, so soft. Great for a frosted look over glitters, chromes, and creamy solids.

Gloss gives a glass like feel and look. Super reflective and shows all the details in glitter and layered designs.

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