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Sizing Kits

Sizing Kits

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Our Sizing Kits are the absolute most accurate way to help you find your perfect fit for press-on nails. With 19 different shapes and lengths, you’ve got access to 14 sizes – plus, you can request custom shapes and we’ll hook you up! Now you can get fit for your fabulous look without the fuss. (I mean, why go through the whole DIY torture chamber of trial and error when you can get it right the first time?) So, let's get the party started and shop some sizes!

  • all kits now come with 14 tip sizes of the shape and length of your choosing and all with free shipping! 
  • once you have your sizes you are ready to order! -- plus  I will be add your sizes  to your account so you won't have to keep track!
  • the price of your sizing kit will be refunded in a discount code valid on your next order

*Some shapes have slightly different widths but most are the same (for example XS Stiletto fits a little larger than XS Square, so some wear a size smaller in XS Stiletto). If you are deciding between two shapes I would get both as they may fit differently (and you get a discount code for each sizing kit you purchase). If you have any questions please reach out to

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