Custom Orders

Custom Orders can be as UNIQUE as you are! Begin by completing the form below. Provide plenty of details. If you're unsure, I can assist in creating a design that's uniquely tailored to YOU!


Fill out form, then purchase your deposit. You can find the deposit HereThis deposit puts your name into the processing queue. The full amount of this deposit is credited toward the final cost of your custom order. Once I have received your form and deposit, I will contact you with any questions I may have on your order, send you an invoice, verify your place in the queue, as well as an estimated date of completion.

 I can’t wait to help you create something RAD!

  • For Colors and Glitters info click Here
  • For Shapes and Top Coats info click Here
  • For Sizing Kit click Here
  • For How To info on sizing, prep, application, and removal, click Here
  • If adding glitter to your Fix please specify, in description box below, if you want full glitter, ombre, etc.
  • If adding crystals to your Fix please specify, in description box below, what color of crystals and if you have a crystal placement design in mind or not.