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June Fix

June Fix

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Introducing our June Fix: Custom Rainbow Moonstone-Inspired Press-On Nails. June is a month of abundance, boasting three birthstones: Moonstone, Alexandrite, and Pearl. But if you're like me, drawn to mesmerizing color shifts, Rainbow Moonstone is the clear choice! Not to mention, Moonstone is said to deflect and purify negative energy, while also fostering emotional balance and mental clarity.

Crafted with precision, our press-on nails capture Rainbow Moonstone's ethereal beauty with captivating iridescent flashes and vibrant hues. Express your unique style effortlessly with each nail, bringing nature's brilliance to your fingertips.

In addition to their stunning appearance, our custom press-on nails offer practical benefits. Easy to apply and fun to wear, they elevate your look without the commitment of traditional manicures. Whether you're a nail art enthusiast or seeking a convenient style enhancer, our Rainbow Moonstone-inspired press-on nails are sure to impress.

Ready to infuse your life with the calming and balancing energy of Rainbow Moonstone? Customize your set of press-on nails with our June Fix and embrace the beauty of nature's vibrant hues today!

  • inspired by and adorned with genuine Rainbow Moonstone 
  • mesmerizing color shifts with its iridescent flashes
  • totally customizable is shape, length, and size

Sizing, Shapes and Top Coats

For Sizing, Shapes, and Top Coats info click Here. For sizing kit click Here.

Included With Your Fix

All Fixes include an instruction card with tips and tricks, a 180/240 grit file, a wooden cuticle pusher, alcohol wipes, and adhesive tabs.


Color Disclaimer: Actual product color may vary slightly from images shown. All mobile displays and monitors have varying capabilities to display color. In addition, product colors may vary depending on lighting conditions during the time the photo was taken.

Due to the nature of these being handmade, the design may look a little different on each nail. But all amazing!

Crystal Disclaimer: Because we use natural Stones and Crystals, there may be edges and corners.

*Due to the added crystals, these nails may require a bit more care to maintain their sparkle. Such as, using a brush when washing your hands to remove any dirt that has gotten caught between crystal, gentle handling during application and removal is essential to prevent damage to the crystals, additionally, avoiding harsh chemicals and impact activities can help preserve the appearance.

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