How do I know what size to choose? Please visit our How To Nail Guides page for instructions. For a simple way to insure a perfect fit, we have sizing kits Here. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

What all comes with my Fix? Each customized or predesigned Fix comes with a prep kit, storage box, plus a few little surprise freebies🖤  

*Prep Kit includes: a file, cuticle pusher, adhesive tabs, alcohol wipes, and instruction cards.

How long does processing take? Processing time right now, typically takes a week. Plus, tracking is included on all orders so you can impatiently stalk your Fix.

How long do press-on nails last? (Wear time) Custom Fix press-ons can stay on anywhere from 1 day-2+ weeks. Prep, application, your activity level, how long the length is, can all be factors in how long they last. 

How long do the press-on nails last? (The tips themselves) The nails can last as long as a good pair of jeans! If taken care of properly they can be worn multiple times. If one happens to get damaged or lost, you can always order a replacement nail Here.

Are press-ons reusable? Yes! If taken care of properly, they can be worn multiple times. I just redid a set that a customer ordered 3 years ago because she loved them so much and finally needed a fresh set.  

Can I order a replacement nail if I have damaged or lost one?  Yes! You can order a replacement Here

What if I have my own design? We do custom orders too! Fill out the Custom Order form Here and I'll work one on one with you to help bring your design to life! *Don't forget to purchase your Custom Order Deposit Here to reserve your spot in the queue.

Do you sell nail glue? Yes! It is in our add ons section, you can find it Here

Do press-ons ruin your nail? No, when removed carefully each time. If you pick or bite off glued press-ons, that can cause nail damage. So make sure to follow gentle removal instructions Here

Which should I use, adhesive tabs or nail glue? For short term wear lasting 1-5 days, adhesive tabs work fabulously. For long term wear lasting 1-3 weeks, most use nail glue. But with that said, it's really a personal preference. Some just prefer one over the other.

*Please note, due to the custom nature of these products and sanitary reasons, all sales are final.