How long do press-on nails last? (Wear time) Custom Fix press-ons can stay on anywhere from 1 day-2+ weeks. Prep, application, your activity level, how long the length is, can all be factors in how long they last. 

How long do the press-on nails last? (The tips themselves) The nails can last as long as a good pair of jeans! If taken care of properly they can be worn multiple times. If one happens to get damaged or lost, you can always order a replacement nail in our add ons section.

Are press-ons reusable? Yes! If taken care of properly, they can be worn multiple times.

Can I order a replacement nail if I have damaged or broken one?  Yes!  You can order a replacement Here

Do you sell nail glue? Yes! It is in our add ons section, you can find it Here

Do press-ons ruin your nail? No, when removed carefully each time. 

What comes in my package? Your customized Fix along with a file, cuticle pusher, adhesive tabs, alcohol wipes, and instruction card with tips. And a few surprise freebies.

How do I know what size to choose? Please visit our shapes and sizing page for instructions. For a simple way to insure a perfect fit, we have sizing kits here. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

*Please note, due to the nature of these products and sanitary reasons, all sales are final.